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Choosing Bay area movers isn't something that an individual wish to go away to opportunity. Thankfully, our shifting company site provides a full variety of solutions which will certainly help make any sort of technique, little or even big, a lot easier. We're the following to supply the aid which shoppers require along with intending most facets involving their own technique.

The very greatest moving organization is one which offers the maximum assortment involving solutions for that consumer's requirements. Our organization offer anyone all associated with the sources which are essential to always be able to create the particular ideal decision, in order to ensure that individuals t

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Choosing Bay area movers isn't something that anyone wish to depart in order to opportunity. Thankfully, our moving business website provides an entire variety of remedies that will certainly create virtually any kind of technique, little or even big, a total lot easier. We're below for you to give the aid that consumers require with intending almost load and unload all facets involving their own technique.

The really greatest shifting organization is but one that provides the most selection associated with services for that consumer's requirements. Our company provide anyone all regarding the resources which are

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Yodlee FundsTransfer Moving More Than $1 Billion.

Growing Demand for Inter-Bank Funds Transfers and

"Instant" Account Verification Driving New Opportunities From

the Online Channel

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- Yodlee, Inc. today announced that its

inter-bank funds transfer solution - Yodlee FundsTransfer - launched in

the market just nine months ago, has already moved more than $1 Billion

and has initiated over 500,000 transfers.

Yodlee FundsTransfer is an online, inter-bank funds transfer

application that increases the speed and reduces the risk of online

money movement between any two financial accounts. Yodlee FundsTransfer

supports both challenge deposits as well as a unique "instant"

account verification method, which Yodlee pioneered, to authenticate

users, offering more flexibility and immediacy for consumers. Data shows

that users prefer the instant verification method more than 80% of the

time when given an authentication option.

"Online funds transfers drive tangible results in online

activity and growing deposits," said Anil Arora, president and CEO of Yodlee. "By using the underlying Yodlee Platform, Yodlee

FundsTransfer can immediately and securely move money between any

depository financial institutions in the U.S. This is a natural

extension for any online banking and online account opening service to

provide a rich and valuable online experience for consumers."

Key Highlights of Yodlee FundsTransfer:

* Account balance displayable in to and from accounts

* The industry's latest cut-off times

* Instant or challenge deposit account verification

* Scheduled and recurring transfer options

* Individual transfer modification or cancellation

* Configurable exceptions management platform

* Online customer service tool

* Daily audit files

* Flexible transfer fee configuration

* Hands on risk management

For more information Yodlee FundsTransfer and Yodlee

AccountVerification, visit or email

About Yodlee

Leading financial institutions trust Yodlee to power critical

online banking applications that increase profitability and movers with a truck drive more

value from the online channel. Yodlee's proven consumer banking,

payments solutions, wealth management, and risk management applications

unify all personal financial account information to deliver a simple,

centralized and secure way for consumers to manage all of their

financial tasks - any time, anywhere. Yodlee makes financial

institutions' websites essential to their customers and generates

new revenue opportunities. Over 100 leading financial institutions and

portals, including AOL, Bank of America, Fidelity, JPMorgan Chase,

Merrill Lynch, and MSN, today offer Yodlee-powered solutions to millions

of customers worldwide. Yodlee operates in the United States and Europe

and is headquartered in Redwood City, California. For more information,


Yodlee is a registered trademark of Yodlee, Inc. All other products

and services mentioned are the property of their respective companies.

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